Temporary Works Inspections

Temporary Works Inspections

As temporary works experts, Richter Associates offer temporary works inspections and sign offs through ‘Installation Check Certificates’ for approval of fully completed temporary works or works under construction.   Our engineers have both site and design experience and can attend site to check the installation of the temporary works as and when required to assist the project Temporary Works Co-ordinator and issue of ‘Permit to Load/Strike’.

Additionally, we have many years of experience in inspections of temporary demountable structures such as grandstands, marquees, stage structures, and barriers associated with festivals and public events.  From provided drawings and manufacturers guidelines, we will carry out a full structural inspection, give immediate feedback where required, and issue an Installation Check Certificate.  Whatever your time circumstances, we endeavour to deliver to meet your deadline.

Temporary Works Audits

Temporary works is an essential part of site safety and there are several stages to the process that have to be done correctly to ensure safety.  This starts with the training and appointment of the Temporary Works Co-ordinator (TWC).  It is then up to the TWC to manage the remainder of the process from preparation of the Temporary Works Register to signing of the Permit to Load.  Within most construction companies this is the most complex process that is used and there are several places where it can go wrong.

We can audit the process from start to finish, both on site and in the design office, to ensure that the correct process is being followed.  We will highlight any gaps or room for improvement which will help ensure site safety.  Where necessary, we can provide standard forms or help you introduce suitable procedures to manage the process.

Several contractors have found this to be a valuable part of site safety management which has been a significant contributor to a safe site.